We wanted to talk about something really different and usual in today’s blog. We like to cover men’s fashion and style, not to mention decorum, most of the time. We got to talking a while back about odd things we do to keep our stuff neat and organized. I, for one, am into ways to prepare what you are going to wear the next day in advance without laying it out on the floor or hanging it in the closet where it gets lost amid everything else you own. At the time, I was using a makeshift clothing valet and thought about doing something more attractive and permanent out of wood a metal. I had purchased a great Miller welder from Rate My Welder which is portable and lightweight and fits in the trunk of my car. I have a friend with this brand and he loves it. Now it is time to put it to the test.

You can find pieces of wood or metal parts in scrap yards or garage sales. I would pick up more than you think you need. Before you do anything, I suggest looking a photos of these valets and selecting one that suits your style and size. Take your measurements and add a few extra centimeters so that the valet will rise a bit off the ground. You need to make a base out of metal and then create a wooden frame for the “body.” A clothes valet can be an abbreviation of the human form with basically just the torso and shoulders. No “head” is necessary although if you want one, why not go for it. You might find a prefab head that was once part of a model in a store window. If you have a few such shops nearby, why not visit them and ask if they have any discarded, old ones. Nowadays, these models do not come with heads to look more modern; but in the basement of retail stores there may be some perfect items.

You can weld the base outside where it is safe and assemble the rest of the valet wherever you want. You want to be able to carry it after all. I like wood rather than plastic for the torso as it looks old-fashioned and more like an old art class device. You can sand the wood and stain it for a natural look, or paint it if you style is trendy. Why not use a color that is found in the rest of your room or house. It will then be a custom piece that is attractive more than an eyesore.

After you have assembled your valet and made size adjustments so it matches your measurements, you can place your clothing for the next day on it so you can see at a glance what accessories you need such as shoes, belt, etc. Most men economize by having only two choices: black and brown. These are universal colors that go with most everything. Enjoy your clothing valet.

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