You need to wear a suit on your first date. Even if you dress casually from that point onward, most people are not going to be upset by anyone wearing a suit on Date One. You need to send the message that the date is really important and you’re already taking the relationship seriously. Offering a date flowers or something like that can make a big difference, too.

Wearing a suit does not mean that your date is going to want you to wear the same thing every time or that you need to make sure that you wear a suit next time. In fact, the two of you are probably going to get less formal if this relationship is actually going to go anywhere, and that is something that you should remember.

Think of a first date as a job interview. That might not be really romantic, but the two of you are trying to see if you’re going to work as a pair. You still want to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward if you are going to work as a pair. You need to make sure that your efforts actually look like they’re going somewhere and that it means something that you’re trying.

Most likely, your date is going to be dressed up as well. If you’re dressed up too, it creates the right impression. Lots of women hate dressing up while the guy is casual, because it seems unfair. If your date is a guy, he might have a different attitude towards dressing up than you if you’re casual, and he might wish you had made more of an effort. You’re not going to be judged as uptight if you wear a suit to the first date. Make an effort here, and things will probably go well.

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