If you think that you can have one pair of shoes for every occasion, think again. People actually do notice your feet. It is true that a lot of shoes for men don’t have a ton of variety. That doesn’t mean that you should end up wearing running shoes with a suit. The good news is that you probably won’t have to make too many decisions when it comes to choosing the right suit for the right occasion. You still do need to make sure that you have a sense of what works and what doesn’t.

If you are going to be wearing a suit, a pair of nice loafers will usually work. These shoes are easy and comfortable to wear. You’ll probably get the results that you want with them. You just need to make sure that they flatter the suit and the rest of what you’re wearing.

There are lots of different dress shoes for men that will actually go with the majority of suits that are out there today. It is true that there is more uniformity in men’s fashion than there is in women’s fashion. There has been a trend towards pointy dress shoes for a while as well, and this has had an effect on whether or not men will be able to find the exact right shoes for them. Still, there are plenty of dress shoes that will work for a wide range of different suits. You just might need to spend more than a few minutes trying them on at any given point.

You need to have shoes that offer the right arch support, and that’s with all of them. Men’s shoes don’t tend to focus on overly high heels, and that’s a good thing. High heels slowly but surely destroy your feet. High heels were originally made for men, so this wasn’t inevitable. Flats have been part of men’s fashion for a while. Still, you don’t want something that is as flat as a bowling shoe. You want something that is really going to support your heels without completely distorting the shape. Shoes that are raised about a half inch off the ground can really do the trick.

Shoes at least tend to be pretty easy to choose when it comes to color and material. Most of the best shoes are made from leather or suede. They’re either black, brown, or gray. This part is not going to be tough for you. I like the fact that men’s shoes have become this uniform by this point in time. We already have to make some tough choices with clothes. At least we’re going to be okay with our shoes one way or another. Get some leather loafers and some nice black pointed dress shoes, and you should be set with a good portion of your outings. Other than that, it’s really just about making sure that the shoes don’t clash with the new suit.

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