You hear a lot about fashion and style for women. There must be a thousand blogs online. Why do men get left behind? Look around and you will get your answer. Men don’t care a whit. They look like bums and they are proud of it. They like their used printed tees, worn jeans, and flipflops. If they are made of leather, they are the good ones. Their wardrobes are sparse and their knowledge of clothing and rules of dress is even sparser. They clearly need help so here we are! Join my followers.

Men won’t even look for fashion information on the Internet so if you have found this blog, please spread the word. Women also read my words and tell their spouses and boyfriends what to do. We can talk about what to wear on an interview, how to impress your date, appropriate wedding attire, and when it is time to roll out a suit. A funeral? Maybe, but there is more. Pay attention and over time you will get the tips and tricks you need to look your best and greet the world every day in style.

Today’s topic of discussion is leather, that perennial luxury component of bags and backpacks, and of course shoes. Every man should have a pair in a style of his choice. It can be a slip on or moccasin (aka loafer) or a lace-up for dress. There is always a time or place for sandals, but it is more than critical to have at least one pair of genuine leather shoes. Canvas is fine for weekends. Meanwhile, leather is the best material for belts, wallets, glasses cases, and the like. I want to focus on the backpack, however, since every working man needs one. I went searching and discovered, which helped me write this post.

I vote for leather for most jobs except for construction and work in the field. If you are in an office, this is the road to take to a superior appearance. Your boss will approve. It must be professional, of good quality, stylish, long-lasting, and versatile. It should go from day to night without taking out anything but your laptop. I haven’t seen a briefcase in a long time except with a lawyer, so it is not a viable option these days unless you wear a suit. The traditional side of me, however, still has a fond affection for this look. I like that leather swagger it creates, but a good backpack will do the same for your image.

Leather backpacks do cost more so it has to be worth the splurge. Frye offers a beautiful model for about $500 in three colors: luggage, black, and dark brown. The texture is gorgeous and it is super roomy in side with all the requisite compartments and pouches. If you ever want to dress to impress, this is the way to go.

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