Are sunglasses really cool? Of course! Even thirty years ago, in an era where glasses were seen as the pinnacle of uncool, sunglasses were strangely still seen as the pinnacle of cool. They were so cool they transcended the strange values of their day. Today, all glasses are cool. Regular specs turn you into a really cool geek. Sunglasses are as cool as ever, even as their competitors have joined them.

Sunglasses are actually functional as well as cool, and that makes them even better. You want to be able to protect your vision long-term. The sun pretty much destroys your skin and eyes like nothing else, and sunglasses are among the best weapons that anyone could ever ask for in the fight against sun exposure. It’s a good thing that they’re already considered cool. You have to fight in order to be taken seriously while wearing earplugs and a lot of stuff like that. Sunglasses are already awesome and there is no fight.

There are lots of great sunglasses frames that you can choose. One of the great things about all glasses today is that you really can’t go wrong. If you choose glasses that are really round and big, they look retro and hipster. If you choose glasses frames that are tight and cat-like, they just look stylish. I still recommend wearing sunglasses that will actually frame your eyes. You don’t want glasses that are going to completely distort your face. Still though, it’s hard to go wrong with the majority of sunglasses. As long as they are not novelty glasses that really take up half your head, you’re great.

Can you wear sunglasses indoors? Sure. It helps if it actually makes sense to do that at any give time, and it might not. If it does though, go for it. Usually, wearing sunglasses is something that you do outdoors though, and it is something that people can do in all kinds of weather. That’s one of the best parts about all of it. You can make sunglasses work pretty much all the time, and you really can’t say that about a good portion of the other types of accessories that are out there.

Sunglasses are also great because they’re one of the few accessories aimed at men. There really aren’t a lot of accessories aimed at men, and that’s no secret among the guys that are really into fashion. You really have to be able to search far and wide for some of the best accessories for men sometimes. A lot of them can’t even really be seen. Most people aren’t going to notice those cool cuff links that you thought were so great. A lot of people won’t notice the new belt. People will always notice the shades wherever you wear them. It doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy or bright. As long as you’re outside, no one will even blink when it comes to the sunglasses.

Sunglasses are also great because they go with everything. You can wear them with a tracksuit or a real suit. There’s pretty much no distinction here. You can even wear the same sunglasses in both cases. How many accessories are actually like that? How much of anything is actually like that? Sunglasses can make the man because they’re among the only accessories that you can find where the context barely matters. These can be your accessories all the time, and that makes a huge difference.


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