I don’t like to gross people out, but I have something important to share with readers and friends. The reason is simple. I was talking with my cousin who mentioned a particularly problem that I assume that is not unique to him. He sweats at night while sleeping next to his wife who is not turned on by this condition. Who would be? After all, he doesn’t live in the sweltering south. It is a normal temperature outside so there is no reason to spend money by turning on the air conditioner and watching the monthly bills rise.  Besides, his wife says she gets too cold. He can’t win. I came to the rescue with a solution, but you have to continue on for details.

This had been going on for some time and he knew he wasn’t sick with the flu. People are known to become hot and perspire in volumes. In effect, they “sweat it out.” The poor guy would sometimes create a veritable pool of sweat: this is the gross part. It felt like he was wetting the bed and, of course, his wife complained. It was embarrassing, even in front of (or I should say alongside) his long-time wife. He read about this problem online and found that some people just run hotter than others, just like some are always cold. There isn’t a whole lot you can do. He tried sleeping with the window open but it just aggravated his spouse.

It isn’t something he liked to discuss with others, but I was elected and all ears. There is always a remedy to every situation as far as I am concerned. Since I am a clothing guru, and he asked, I first suggested lighter weight absorbent cotton pajamas. He tried it and loved them, but it didn’t work. The fabric did feel nice though! But he was still sweaty in bed. His wife changed to better quality cotton sheets at great expense. They felt good too. Sure they mopped up the sweat but did nothing to cool him off. The dilemma persisted and everyone was frustrated.

My last suggestion was his very last hope and it worked. I told him to install a good ceiling fan in your bedroom with four or five speeds so he could get the perfect room temperature. He rushed to fulfill this idea and got a handyman the very next day. A handy remote control sits next to the bed in easy reach. It also serves to dim the central light fixture which was an added bonus. In effect, he killed two birds with one stone. It was a marvelous solution that was half room décor and half cooling system. He felt much more comfortable at night and the sweats stopped. It was as easy as that. Who knew! Sometimes our brains need a bit of reviving when faced with something we experience every day.

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