Here’s another blog on appearance rules for men. We can’t hammer it home enough. We haven’t converted everyone yet, so we keep trying. Ladies out there, you can help. Get your man to face up to reality: he doesn’t look his best. Tell him why it is important. You are no longer an eyesore to the world. You are single handedly propping up the jeans and tees industry. You are missing out on so many career opportunities, not to mention social occasions, because of your attire. It is time to wise up.

Looking good is simply a matter of self-awareness. Pay attention to your personal needs and you are halfway there. Good grooming is the obligation of every single citizen of a civilized country. This has always been the foundation of our personal philosophy. It isn’t costly any more. We live in an era of mass production and discounted everything on the Internet. Everything in the world is on sale and it is at our fingertips. If you get mail, you are eligible to live your life by online rules. If you are a bit fussier, there is someone called a tailor. He can make you look as good as Harvey on the TV show Suits. He is our hero.

There is also something called an iron and a steamer. They fit right under the bathroom sink and it takes seconds to plug them in and use them. No wrinkles should form on your body. Do not wear an item more than a few times. Save yourself the labor of tidying your clothes up and send them to the laundry or cleaners. Buy new when something wears out. Pay particularly notice to your shoes. This is an area where most guys go astray.

We are going to add something a little different to end this lesson today. We know you will look your best if you eat right and exercise. Do not stop at the fast food restaurant on the corner just because you are too lazy to cook. They actually have takeout food at the market. There are also lean cuisine frozen dinners. Visit the gym more than once a month for best results, and we are not kidding. No one looks good in casual or business clothes if he has a paunch. Last but not least, drink tons of water—yes, the same eight glasses everyone else is recommending. We want to add a caveat: do not drink unfiltered tap water. Who knows what lurks within? If you want to save on bottled water—those cases add up—put in a water filter system, the whole house models as seen at It is an economical way to get fresh, clear water from every spigot and tap. Putting a small filter on the kitchen faucet is like a band aid on a major cut.

Advice from us is always plentiful so something new will appear soon to make your life easier and more elegant. You only live once!

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