Hello again. We are in a helpful mood today. We are big on hygiene, grooming, and proper attire as our readers well know. Sometimes we rant and rave about the lack of style in today’s casual world and how it can hold you back from career success. Other times we give tips and tricks about interesting color combinations and how to pair the right jackets and pants. It isn’t obvious. Shoes get a lot of attention as this is where most men miss the mark. Look down and you will see some god-awful styles. Without boring anything into your head today, we want to address how to take a good shower. I hear you all now: we know this already? We beg to differ. It is a very ignored part of personal hygiene.

First, not everyone takes a shower every day. Some alternate days or only do it when they need a shampoo. Then, not everyone uses a soap that is gentle on the skin. Just because you are a macho man doesn’t mean you need to rub pumice all over. This is for someone who works without gloves on an oil derrick. Yikes! Next, a cold shower may dampen any unwanted passion, but it does nothing to help intense perspiration after a workout at the gym. As for hot water, it is necessary for a close shave and wonderful and invigorating if the temperature is just right. I have a tankless water heater that is easy to adjust for just the right degree of warmth. It has been a godsend and I waited way too long to install it. To round out this grooming guide, we should mention that really hot, scalding water dries out the skin and scalp terribly. Just ask any dermatologist who is trying to defuse old myths. He will explain how to protect the outer layer of the skin. Hot water is a two-edged sword. And please note that if the right temperature, it can go on as long as you want—even to the point of prune fingers; but don’t let your epidermis take a beating by overly hot water.

This is the essence of our hot shower advice so enjoy the next one with glee. Don’t fret if you have to change your routine. It’s a cruel world out there.* Dry itchy skin can be a torment. You need to apply a soothing lotion which is a real chore for men. Women love it as a regular self-indulgent ritual. Some of them are scented, so, guys, be careful you don’t go to work smelling like flowers. There are nice colognes on the market that will take care of a cool, masculine vibe.

* It seems like some of the tastiest food is bad for your health, the things you want are expensive (cars, clothes, a leather backpack, a watch), and hot showers are a “no no.” Woe is me. Life is tough.

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