We have been called conventional and formal, also stodgy and retro. It’s fine with us but in retaliation for these comments, as true as they are, we are devoting this blog to dressing and acting the part of a hipster, a person who embraces today’s fad and culture.

Don’t mistake a hipster for a hippie of the sixties. That was a different breed with long hair, Indian beads, painted jeans, and a tie dye tee. We think of them as dirty and smelly, but it was not always true. This hipster of the day was distinguished from the prior decade’s beatnik, a master of Zen. Each era has had its own version of a person who is “in” and with it. These hipsters live a different lifestyle from the rest of us and it is seen in their dress and home décor, not to mention habits of dining and entertaining. They serve health food like kale salad and raw fruit and vegetables. Probably no meat if they are vegan.

Today’s hipster is ahead of his or her time and in tune with the latest trends in fashion, travel, brewing the best coffee (top priority these days) and home beer brewing. Talk about a hot topic! People who know how to make something fine to drink are ahead of the game in every way. Coffee is not just some percolated stuff you make in a run-of-the-mill machine. It can be cold brewed for flavor intensity and perfection of taste. Now it is all about handcrafted coffee drinks and the hipster in question wants to outdo the barista at the local shop. It is slow steeped, done with no hot water, and has a lovely smooth taste.

You can also go custom with your beer by making it at home to your specifications. Hipsters impress friends with their prowess in this department. And it is not an easy task. You need some knowledge, great recipes, and all the right ingredients. When it is done, you need a kegerator or other container. The hipster knows all about it. He is way beyond a starter kit. He has entered all kinds of contests and has won his share of prizes. He has all the best fermenting techniques down pat. He knows about flow rates and venting systems. He can make light or dark craft beer any weekend and is willing to supply his friends and family. A hipster is haughty but still with a good heart.

A visit to a hipster mini brewery will not reveal his secrets, even after we get to Crack a Cold One with him. He keeps those close to home.

He will share his latest brews which are served in icy cold tall glasses. He always has a sense of style. You could say that he has a real tasting room. He even had a special neon sign made with his personal label displayed for all to see. He leaves the rest of us in awe.

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