I got a foot spa as a gift from a good friend so I wanted to use it and report the results to him. I was a little grossed out, thinking this is something for women only. I stared at it for a while and then thought about what I had heard. If you have tired and aching feet after a long day in tight shoes, it is heaven. The swirling water produces instant relief as it soothes tender areas and provides total body relaxation. How can I miss out on that? I unpacked it, lined up the attachments, and read the instructions. After an hour, I was convinced. This is something I will use again and again. In fact, I am recommending it to all the men who read this blog. Don’t deny yourself such pleasure. And yes, go ahead and get a pedicure.

Caring for your feet or getting a massage is not a super feminine activity. It is for everyone. There are male masseuses and cosmetologists. Things have changed and fashion and self-care is unisex. Men wear makeup, cologne, and use scented soap. There is a new definition of masculinity out there. I am not just talking about metrosexuals who over primp and give us a bad name. I know that a foot spa is never going to appeal to a redneck, but it should be tempting to the average guy. I guess cowboy books are broken in and super comfortable for the he-men in our country. If the rest of you are leery, take a chance.

You can make the experience as masculine as you want, using some of the tips from this page: https://www.highermassage.com/maximize-foot-spa-additions/. You can use whatever scent you like in the warm water, or none at all. A non-scented oil is just fine. You can dry off with a regular white terry gym towel, nothing prissy about that. You can use the jacuzzi attachment that comes with some models to get the water swirling and whirling. It feels great. Another plus is the rubber mat you can place at the bottom of the tub. It has a rough surface on both sides. One side has little nodules that massage the feet. The other side is like an emery board that exfoliates the skin.

I use the magnifier with mini light to examine my feet, looking for scales and calluses that have to be buffed. The usual pedicure products come with the foot spa so you can take care of these matters. Men who wouldn’t dare enter a salon enjoy these features at home. You can use the foot spa in any way you like from a simple warm soak to a full treatment. It takes an hour but is well worth the time—at least once a week. My shoes fit well, but I still experience soreness of the soles at the end of the day if I have been walking or standing a good part of the time. I can’t live without my spa.

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