If you’ve seen a lot of suits, you might think that you already know what is going to look really good on you. Don’t get too confident about that. If you think that all suits will look good on all guys, you’re wrong. This does not actually mean that you have to spend a lot of money in order to get the best suit. You just have to make sure that you really spend time finding a suit that’s going to work for you.

For one thing, get a tailor to measure you for the perfect suit. A lot of times, you might only know a few of your measurements. You also might not be being honest about them. This means that your suit is not going to fit you. When suits don’t fit, it really is obvious. You can’t get away with an ill-fitting suit the way you can get away with ill-fitting pants. If a tailor is not going to make your suit, the tailor can still help you get fitted for a suit.

From there, you have to decide on the color. Black suits will look good on almost anyone, so you’re in luck. If you love black suits, you will probably be happy one way or another. Charcoal gray is not always a great color on all people. It might make you look washed-out. It might clash with your hair. You also might find that it either ages you more than you would like or that it makes you look like a young guy trying to look older. It is possible to pull off gray suits. You just have to make sure that it is the right shade of gray for you.

White suits are harder. These are part of Southern style and a lot of people like these classic white suits. Still, these suits never really took off past the 1960’s for a reason. You have to be a really neat person in order to wear them, since all stains will show up right away. White suits sometimes look a little bit too casual, oddly enough. They seem less like suits in the minds of a lot of people. Wearing a white suit in a lot of cases is practically an act of bravery. You need to be able to make sure that you can pull it off if you think that you can pull it off.

After that, the material of the suit matters. Choosing a material that is stiff and firm enough that the suit has the right form and fit is important. You don’t want the suit to be too thin. You also don’t want the suit to be too uncomfortable. Suits have the reputation for being really uncomfortable, but this really does not have to be the case. You can find suits that are made with fabrics that are soft to the touch but that will still tend to retain their shape.

You don’t want the pants of the suit to be too itchy, since this is going to have a tendency to cancel out most of the stylish effects of the majority of suits. Suits that have been heavily starched are just going to feel like they could rip open at any moment, and you don’t want to be worrying about something like that happening to you at the wrong time.

Wool is a great fabric for a suit, even though it can usually shrink at the worst possible moment. Other than that, it does breathe and it is a natural kind of material that will work on most guys. It might be too hot in the summer, but it is perfect in the winter.

If you don’t mind spending a lot of money, it’s hard to go wrong with cashmere. Cashmere is so comfortable and luxurious that it will make any suit look and feel better. It’s also a less sturdy and more vulnerable fabric, but that might be something that you can live with for the sake of a cashmere suit.

Lots of suits are made from cotton, and that’s great. Cotton is comfortable and it definitely breathes. Still, this is a material that tends to shrink. It also tends to crease, so you have to be careful with how you care for a cotton suit. Cotton is not the warmest material that you can use, and that only makes it worse in a lot of cases. Still, cotton is so versatile and it can be used to make such awesome suits that it’s hard to let go of cotton altogether. It really is awesome. Once you’ve settled on the right fabric for a suit, the right fit, the right color, and everything else, you have the right suit.

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